Air Crashes and Air Accidents in America, the earthquake in Europe and America


(We are editing the summary predictions of YunFeng Master)

Air Crashes and Air Accidents (Asia, Africa, Europe)
YunFeng (Knowing, Deviner)had already predicted air accidents and air crashes of "Asia, Africa, and Europe" on Feb 20, 2009! There are more than 80 air crashes and air accidents that happened in Asia, Africa, and Europe.
http://cishanxingdao.blog.sohu.com/115980100.html (Detail of total air accidents and air crashes)
Yemen belongs to Asia, France belongs to Europe! YunFeng had already predicted this matter (Yemen Air Crash) and Air France Crash (228 people die).

Below is latest air crashes and air accidents.

  • Pakistan copter prang(26 people die)(7/4)
  • Iraq: The scout of USA prang in Iraq! (7/6)
  • The United Nations: An airplane of United Nations was landing Darfur, Sudan on July 7. The front-wheel drive was break off suddenly. And it injured two people. (7/6)
  • Afghanistan: A copter of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was prang in Afghanistan. There are three soldiers die.(7/7)
  • Afghanistan: A military copter of Canada was prang in Afghanistan. There are three soldiers die. (7/8)
  • The airliner of Japan took off failed two times, three hundred people are waiting change airplane. (7/9)
  • A iatrical copter of Taiwa was prang in the sea of Kinmen. (7/10)
  • A scheduled flight, Shanghai to Xian, met strong airflow and four people were injured.
  • A airplane of Northern Europe which has 41 passengers, emergency landing two times (7/13)
  • A copter was prang in the south of Afghanistan. (7/14)
  • A bride throw flower on the airplane, the flower was indrafted engine and airplane was prang. (7/15)
  • An airplane of Iran was prang, 150 people die (7/15)
  • A fighter plane of USA was prang in Afghanistan (7/18)
  • A copter was prang in the Afghanistan. (7/19)
  • A copter of USA was prang in the Baghdad. (7/19)
  • A bombing plane of China was prang. (7/20)
  • An airliner of China smoke in passenger compartment and forced landing. (7/20)
  • A copter of NATO was prang in Afghanistan. 16 people die, 5 people were injured. (7/20)
  • An airplane of Hongkong was emengency landing in Japan. (7/20)
  • A copter of Russia was prang. 6 people die, 2 people were injured. (7/22)
  • An airplane of Iran rolled out the runway and struck the wall, 17 people die and 19 people were injured. (7/24)
  • An small airplane of Kenya emergency landing, 1 people die and 3 people were injure.(8/2)
  • An airplane loaded 16 people was disappeared in Indonesia. (8/2)
  • An airplane of Spain was on fire when it took off, at least 6 people injured.(8/5)
  • An airplane of Ryanair Limited was emergency landing.(8/7)
  • A copter of Iran was prang. 3 people die. (8/11)
  • The airport of Chengtu stopped power. tens of thousands of people resorted. (8/11)
  • An airplane of South Africa was prang. Aviator was injured. (8/11)
  • An airplane of Iran was prang. 2 people die. (8/15)
  • Two "Su-27"fighter planes collided in Russia. (8/16)
  • Copter of Philippines was raid. 3 people were injured. (8/16)

Air Crashes and Air Accidents (America)

YunFeng (Knowing, Deviner)warned on June 30 2009, a series of air crashes and accidents would happen in America in near future day.
  • A Boeing Flight (737-800) was emergency landing on July 1! That's just a beginning!
  • A commercial airliner with 128 passengers and crew made an emergency landing in Florida because smoke was detected in the cabin.
  • A aviation accident (small airplane) and two people die in Canada. (7/10)
  • A airplane, USA flies to London, smokes. 15 people were injured!(7/11)
  • An airliner of USA was flying, the passenger compartment broke suddenly, emergency landing successfully, people took a picture for that. (7/14)
  • A Boeing airliner (737) was broken an hole. (7/15)
  • A small airplane was prang, 3 people die. (7/16)
  • An airplane of Air Canada was emengency landing in Toronto Pearson International Airport. (7/28)
  • The airport of New York shock by bomb. (8/2)
  • Forcing the aircraft to divert to Miami, Florida (at least 26 hurt as airliner hits turbulence). (8/3)
  • 9 killed as Airplane, Helicopter Collide in New York. (8/8)
  • Special plane of Peru president forced landing air base. (8/11)

Earthquake will happen in Europe and America

YunFeng (Knowing, Deviner)mentioned on June 23 2009, lots of earthquakes that will happen in Europe and America!
  • Magnitude 5.4 earthquake- Souh of USA-Alaska. (6/23)
  • Magnitude 7.0 earthquake- Papua new guinea. (6/24)
  • Magnitude 6.7 earthquake- Crete, Greece. (7/1)
  • Magnitude 5.0 earthquake- Colombia. (7/4)
  • Magnitude Unknow earthquake- Panama. (7/4)
  • Magnitude 4.1 earthquake- Italy. (7/3) There is a "Group of Eight Summit" that will happen in that place.
  • Magnitude 5.4 earthquake- Nicaragua:Pacific Coast. (7/7)
  • Magnitude 4.1 earthquake- Rome: Rome happens three times aftershock after strong earthquake. (7/8)
  • Magnitude 6.0 earthquake- Peru. (7/12)
  • Magnitude 5.1 earthquake- North Island. (7/13)
  • Magnitude 7.8 earthquake- New Zealand. (7/15)
  • Magnitude 6.9 earthquake- Mexico. (8/4)
  • Magnitude 7.1 earthquake- California, Gulf of (8/4)
  • Magnitude 5.0 earthquake- South of Mexico (8/15)
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